Owner, Sheakley (Human Resources Mgmt.) Director: C-Bank, Pro-Procure, Il Mulino Restaurants, Touchstone Merchandise, Cincinnati Reds

Larry A. Sheakley, CEO and owner of Sheakley, began his career working for his father at Raymond Sheakley & Associates, a small Workers’ Compensation Administration Business. In 1980, Larry purchased the company and since has purchased or started 46 companies in various industries. He has been instrumental in the accelerated growth of Sheakley, raising it to a holding company today of 23 separate operating businesses and locations across the United States.

Larry currently serves as chairman for Lyonshare Investments, Inc., is owner and partner of the Cincinnati Reds, The IL Mulino of New York chain of restaurants, and C-Bank, a Cincinnati based bank he helped form. He is partner and owner in Pro-Procure, a London, England based Technology business and has partnered to build a golf course outside of Auckland, New Zealand. Mr. Sheakley is majority owner and chairman of Touchstone Merchandise Group, headquartered in Mason, OH.

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