HPE Co-Investment Partners

HPE seeks direct co-investments alongside funds with strategic investment models that add operating leadership to their portfolio companies. Our partners tend to be:

  • Funds between $200 million to $2.5 billion dependent on underlying investment strategy
  • North American domiciled funds and portfolio companies
  • Teams with a track record of investing together
  • Operationally focused funds
  • Clearly defined, targeted strategy to add value
  • Demonstrated ability to achieve successful exits
  • No investment in venture capital, real estate or emerging technology

HPE Differentiated Value

HPE Managers, Directors, and LPs, leverage their operational industry expertise to benefit partner funds and portfolio companies. Value is created from:

  • Sector specific advice and financial consultation in acquisition due diligence
  • Strategic introductions to drive revenue growth
  • Expense reduction initiatives that increase margins
  • Identifying targets for complimentary add-on acquisitions
  • Corporate governance and best practices
  • Assistance optimizing multiple expansion and exit positioning

Mark Hauser, Managing Partner 

Mr. Hauser is a private equity investor and fund manager with over 35 years of investing and operating company experience. He is Founder and Co-Managing Partner of Hauser Private Equity (HPE) which invests in private equity funds and directly in private equity backed businesses. HPE’s five funds have invested over $650M in capital in privately owned businesses nationally across a diverse set of industries. Early in his investment career, Mr. Hauser was Vice President of Cincinnati based Reynolds Dewitt Securities. His merchant banking work there resulted in public offerings of Mid-American Waste Systems, Future Healthcare, and Health Images. Throughout his investing career, Mr. Hauser has served on the Board of Directors for consumer goods and food and beverage brands. He has also served on boards for government contracted security and defense businesses and digital advertising and textile manufacturing.